Dayan. Hello Gul, it is a pleasure to have you a guest in our interviews section at House of Candamil...

Dayan: Hello Gul, it is a pleasure to have you a guest in our interviews section at House of Candamil. I personally have followed your career for a while, since I lived in Istanbul a few years back. Since then, I fell in love with feminine designs, high-waisted silhouettes and use of color, but more than your clothes, I admired you as a woman, one who is determined to go out there, following her dreams, getting things done.

D: Every street corner has its own fashion scene in İstanbul which I find it very inspirational. Turkish women are brave and open to anything new when it comes to fashion without loosing their own taste of style.

D: 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Define your year in a few words…

G: Challenging in business and appreciative in health and life.

D: After yours, of course, what are your top three boutiques to shop while in Istanbul?

G: Beymen, Antique boutiques in Cihangir area and Grand Bazaar.

D: We know you enjoy food and like to cook, recommend us your 3 favorite restaurants in Istanbul.

G: Aleko for fish, Hünkar for Turkish cuisine and Delicatessen for wine&Dine with friends after work.

D: Let’s talk about routines: what is the first you do in the morning?

G: Drink glass of water, breakfast although i have been doing IF for a while, then off to work.

D: Do you have any beauty secrets? Can you share your best one with us?

G: I don’t think i have any :) wash my face and apply a Vitamin E oil. I wash my hair with soap.

D: You are a successful entrepreneur. Which tips would you give to a woman who wants to launch their own fashion line and survive this competitive market?

G: The best advice I can give is what ever they want to create let it be perfect. Let quality and uniqueness come first.

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"Jeniffer Varela is a Colombian journalist with a Master of Arts in Fashion Studies, from Parsons The New School for Design. She worked for over 10 years in Colombian top newspapers and magazines, before focusing completely on fashion. Today, she combines her job as a researcher for the resale luxury market with independent projects and media collaborations in the field of fashion and arts."

Jeniffer Varela Rodriguez