Medellin eco bag

These market string bag organizer can replace your paper and plastic bags for any shopping These reusable grocery bags are all natural and chemical free. Light Weight & Foldable-- These reusable net tote bags can be easily stuffed in your pocket, purse or glove box. They are great for produce, vegetable, fruit, cans and frozen food Those net string shopping bags are expandable and can hold much more than its flat size. They are very strong. Old fashioned retro style comfortable grip tote shopping baskets.Super cute and rustic It looks much smaller than on the ad photos. However, when you start filling it in with produce, it stretches and expands tremendously.


The best way to care for an exotic leather accessory is to simply keep it clean and dry. Do NOT (DO NOT) Use cleaning or conditioning products designed for cow leather; such products will damage most exotic leathers. Ideally, you should clean your alligator, crocodile or other exotic leather accessory every few months with a clean damp cloth or with a cleaner specifically intended for such exotic leathers. After a cleaning, it is very important to condition the leather to replace the lost emollients and moisturize and reseal the leather. A great natural product to condition, moisturize and reseal exotic leather beeswax. A light coating of extra fine beeswax gently rubbed into the leather and then lightly buffed off, is all that is required to preserve and protect the skim. Some of these beeswax products may include carbon wax. Several sellers on eBay offer such products, or you can search google for ‘’ beeswax leather care’’ reptile skins are fundamentally different and more complex than cow leather, in that a reptile scales are held together with membranes. While the scales are relatively rigid and armor-like it is membranes that allow for flexibility. It is important to properly moisturize and re seal these membranes with proper care your exotic leather can remain flexible and look great for a decade or more.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you test any cleaning or conditioning product on a small inconspicuous area to test for discoloration, before you proceed in using the product.

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